The Badlands at Drumheller

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Layers And Lumps
I've taken a few runs at in, but I'd never actually seen the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.  Our stay in Calgary was winding to a close and I wasn't going to miss it for the third time.  The drive from Calgary was mostly quick - in no time we were out in the flat fields.  Seeing the badlands come up was quite a surprise.

 Lumpy KnollView From The Top

Cracked Earth Eroded Mud In Shadow
The Museum itself was quite good - many of the exhibits were real fossils and the casts were labeled as such (unlike some other other institutions.)  The museum was well organized, and you do learn as you go.  The audio wands are useless - they are 80% of whats on the signs, and 20% new material.  For people who have a degree (but not in dead stuff), the material was a little thin - more depth and analysis would be appreciated.

We had to reverse the car ride out and I wasn't keen on a long ride without taking a walk first.  The badlands is a cross between desert and a drainage ditch - a dry environment with lots of hills, gullies and detail depending on depth.  Having just come from the rockies, it was a completely different environment.  Rather than just shoot like mad, I limited myself to just one roll of film, and just one lens - my Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 AFS (not much of a hardship, I know).

Shrub On Rock
It never ceases to amaze me life hanging on in marginal conditions. Grass covered most good land, but when the going got tough so did the plants.  The bush is growing on the last remnants of uneroded soil - a few good rain storms and it's roots may be gone.  The Cactus were growing in the grass and only on the sunny sides of hills - I think the conditions were just starting to get bad enough for them to thrive.


So we went for a walk.  Some areas are broad walkways with stairs.  As you get further back, the trails become narrower and the stairs disappear.  Mike, alway the climber, found on of the larger domes and went for a climb.  We followed him up.

Walking In DesertWalking In The HillsMike With Water Bottles

The view from the top was quite nice.  With a little arm twisting, everyone agreed to sit for a group shot (still on the 80-200).  We never did see a triceratops skull poking out of the rock, but it was a fun walk around none the less.  Thanks for the afternoon!

Group Shot

View From The Top
Shrub On Rock
Group Shot
Person: David, Mark, Jeremy, John, Michael
Walking In Desert
Person: David, Mark, Jeremy, Michael
Layers And Lumps
Walking In The Hills
Person: David, Jeremy
Lumpy Knoll
Eroded Mud In Shadow
Mike With Water Bottles
Person: David, Michael
Cracked Earth
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