Blue Burst On Top Ground Medium Huge Streams Three Two Purples And Sparkles Two Rainbows Green Blue And Dinghy Blue Fireworks With The City Orange Fireworks And The City Rainbow Fireworks And The City Hummingbird In Straight Jacket Claira Reading Band Counting Feathers Measuring Wing Claira Releasing Hummingbird Counting Neck Feathers Nara Practice Banding Bar-tailed Godwit Black Bellied Plovers Short Billed Dowitcher Mixed Flock Musicans Ready To Play Performing In Willow Tree Hula Hoop Dancing Parade Walking By Blinking Light Rolling By Mountains At Sunset Face Like Lanterns Lights Reflected In Lake Claira Touching Blood Star Nara Touching Blood Star Nara Touching Tiny Green Urchin Nudibranch In Tub Claira With Ochre Star Woody Chiton On Bottle Beaked Hazelnut Oval Leaf Blueberry Red Huckleberry Kids Running Under Bridge Kids Watching Fish From Playground Nara Resting On Mom Fish Swimming Overhead Swimming With Fish Trees From Under River Salmon Eggs Projected Inception In Vancouver Claira Picking Apples As Farmer Claira Riding Tractor Nara Racing Tractor Claira Led On Pony Claira In Saddle Nara Led On Pony Nara In Saddle Claira Watching Horse Claira Building Fort Nara Finishes Phase One Claira In Phase One Claira IBuilding Extension Claira Hanging Out In House Claira With Giant Light Bright Nara With Giant Light Bright Claira Making Pattern Nara Non Adjacent Colours Custom Topping Sundays Eating Ice Cream In Seats Superdog Jumping High Touching Dogs Afterwards

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