Four Girls Three Lanterns Goofy Faces At Ting Floating Lanterns Looking At Floating Lanterns Nara Claira With Two Lanterns Abby Haley With Two Lanterns Rain Dripping With Ting Wet Floor Ting And Great Hall Nara Biking Down Forest Path Dad On Folding Bike Nara And Grandpa Riding Together Nara Happy To Be Biking Nara Hiking With Grandma At The Beach Aggregating Anemone In Tide Pool Kelp Washed Up On Sandy Beach Two River Otters On Rock Two Black Oystercatchers Black Oystercatchers With Glowing Beaks River Otter On Shallow Rock Petroglyph On Rocks Goose Tongue Growing In Rocks Claira With Waterfall Behind Fall Colours Behind Claira Happy To Be Biking Claira Found Caterpillar Nara Picked Pumpkin Claira With Big Pumpkin Carrying Pumpkin Wheelbarrow Full Claira In Costume With Face Paint Cat And Bunny At Door Claira On Bouncy Castle Nara Throwing Rings Claira Throwing Darts Pacific Wren Spotted Towhee Douglas Squirrel In Grass Song Sparrow Red Breasted Sapsucker Claira On Busy Stairs Black Cat Nara On Garden Path Pumpkin Totem Pole Kicking Leaves

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