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about map data... Centered at 127 47' 38'', 26 17' 05'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
556m per pixel
278m per pixel
139m per pixel
69m per pixel
34m per pixel
17m per pixel
 Map Height:
Sunglasses On Vocanic Rock Mark With Rootbeer Claira Climbing Charcoal BBQ Conveyer Belt Sushi Walking Into Covered Mall Pacific Reef Heron Giant Outdoor Playground
Claira On Roller Slide Claira On Roller Slide
John Harvey Photo > Claira On Roller Slide

Nara On Roller Slide Nara On Roller Slide
John Harvey Photo > Nara On Roller Slide

Giant Outdoor Playground This Nakagusuku Park, Playground South. The white material is some sort of elastic canvas.
John Harvey Photo > Giant Outdoor Playground

Gift Stores On Kokusai Street Gift Stores On Kokusai Street
John Harvey Photo > Gift Stores On Kokusai Street

Walking Into Covered Mall Walking Into Covered Mall
John Harvey Photo > Walking Into Covered Mall

Looking Into Tidepools Looking Into Tidepools
John Harvey Photo > Looking Into Tidepools

Empty Beach At Resort A lot of Okinawa resorts actually close their beaches (no swimming or walking allowed) over the winter. This one was open, but basically empty.
Tags: beach, resort
John Harvey Photo > Empty Beach At Resort

Outside In Low Tide This umbrella rock made me smile.
John Harvey Photo > Outside In Low Tide

Pacific Reef Heron I hadn't seen a dark Heron before - it was quite a surprise.
John Harvey Photo > Pacific Reef Heron

Zanpa Lighthouse In Background Zanpa Lighthouse In Background
John Harvey Photo > Zanpa Lighthouse In Background