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about map data... Centered at -116 00' 00'', 54 47' 59'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
29685m per pixel
14842m per pixel
7421m per pixel
3710m per pixel
1855m per pixel
927m per pixel
463m per pixel
 Map Height:
Lake Namu Accommodation in Shearwater Curve of Time Driving By Log Sorting Yard Side Of Lying Down Totem Leather Star Laying Anchor in Eucott Bay Flare Cabin at End of Cascade Inlet Walking On We Log Layers Of Basalt And Confused Trees Cold Spring Below Farm Pass By Jasper Athabasca Falls Closer Elks Munching Mount Robson In Fog Sun Low Over Horizon Yellow Headed Blackbird New National Park Sign On Approach To Mudge Castle With Irises Retreat Island Sunset Curve of Time in Bay View From Second Chief Mud Flats at Sunset Waiting For Lifts To Open View From Lunch Tarn In Front Of Anniversary Glacier Mark And Mike At Summit Baby And Mom Walking Toward Log Boardwalk In Meadow Stotan Falls Rock Margin Front of Condo Fence at Rathtrevor Us on Big Tree Whiskey Cove, Belcarra Salt Lake Panorama Farmers Market Sign at Pike Place GPS Receivers Sean at Dairy Queen Green Lake Totem In Front Of UMista Centre Beach Side At Camp Site Manning Vista Scarlett Point Lighthouse Mark Taking in the View Helen Among The Broccoli How To Make Planter Red Field Dark Clouds Start of Hike River Side Camp Site Hot Water Waterfall Boat Rental At Pitt Lake Beach Side Field Brooks Beach Pano Surfers At Jordan River Two Tiger Lilies Cape Mudge Lighthouse Bubbling Soda Spring Girls In Front Of Rainier Helen Amenda And Snow Astoria Column Bay With Waves Rolling In Helen And IIn The Big Pool Helen Zonked Out With Packs Old Trail Snoqualmie Falls Mohun Lake Frozen Over Cultus Lake Saturday Market James Flying Sagebrush At Lac Du Bois Bridges In Lytton Church In Spences Bridge Hells Gate Cabin Over Fraser Looking At Fraser From Old Suspension Bridge Claira And Her Bike Claira Building Boat Bald Eagle On Rock Males Females And Pups On Rock Bromley Rock Mountains From The Moonscape View From Fire Lookout American Robin On Nest Mount Enas Fire Salt Flats With Hills Common Opal Basket Of Hot Peppers Claira Helping To Clean Up View Into Mira Canyon Helen And Kids At Margaret Falls Helen At Top Of Hill Lake Louise Numa Falls (Veiled) Hot Springs From Hotel Dutch Creek Hoodoos Walkway On Wall View From Second Peak Front of Mikes House Sulfur Works Helen Walking Over Dunes Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Sun Low Over Horizon The frost covered reeds were cool - the sun low on the horizon was kind of depressing because it was mid afternoon. I took a shot on a trip to Aristazabal Island that is similar in composition.
Tags: frost, twin
John Harvey Photo > Sun Low Over Horizon

Front of Mike's House

This is Mike's House!  The inside is quite spacious (it slept 8 for a few days)
and the basement is an untapped resource.  He's had some custom work done (the joists are steal)
and he painted the interior himself (with Jer's help).
John Harvey Photo > Front of Mike's House

Grizzly House Grizzly House
John Harvey Photo > A BC Road Trip > Radium to Calgary > Grizzly House

Banff Hotel Banff Hotel
John Harvey Photo > A BC Road Trip > Radium to Calgary > Banff Hotel

Baby Elk We are right off the parking lot to the Cave and Basin Interpretive Center (which we didn't in the end visit).
John Harvey Photo > A BC Road Trip > Radium to Calgary > Baby Elk

Elk Doe Sitting Down Elk Doe Sitting Down
John Harvey Photo > A BC Road Trip > Radium to Calgary > Elk Doe Sitting Down

View From Sulphur Mountain Stations This is a 5 image panorama. The color range was pretty good. It's funny seeing a big hill taking up so much of the image.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Sights around the Town of Banff > View From Sulphur Mountain Stations

View From Second Peak This is an eight image panorama - taken with the camera in portrait perspective. It's always a challenge to get the correct parts of the image in something this wide - I hoped to get the board walk but missed the corners and couldn't crop the bottom as far as I wanted.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Sights around the Town of Banff > View From Second Peak

Mark At High Falls Yes, it was a bit moist.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Johnston Canyon > Mark At High Falls

Walkway On Wall These cat walks really are something else - they are drilled into the walls and very well constructed - perhaps the most expensive trail per meter I have ever seen.
Tags: canyon, trail
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Johnston Canyon > Walkway On Wall