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about map data... Centered at -126 07' 12'', 49 50' 24'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
556m per pixel
278m per pixel
139m per pixel
69m per pixel
34m per pixel
17m per pixel
 Map Height:
Light Colored River Rusting Dodge At Telegraph Cove Rhinoceros Aucklet Mohun Lake Frozen Over Cut Block With Frost Elk Falls From Viewing Platform Nara And Claira Playing In The Snow Colour Fireworks Over Barge Cape Mudge Lighthouse Claira Leading Train Coming Around To Dock Walking Back Down Ramp Strong Currents Through Rocks Shallow Beach From Plane Empty Sandy Beaches Flying With Ear Protection Front of Condo Walking On Mackenzie Beach
Flying With Ear Protection Flying With Ear Protection
John Harvey Photo > Flying With Ear Protection

Empty Sandy Beaches Empty Sandy Beaches
John Harvey Photo > Empty Sandy Beaches

Shallow Beach From Plane Shallow Beach From Plane
John Harvey Photo > Shallow Beach From Plane

Front of Condo

This is where we stayed - pretty nice eh?

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Tofino, Hot Springs Cove > Front of Condo

Ready To Get On Plane Ready To Get On Plane
John Harvey Photo > Ready To Get On Plane

Yolk Flops Side To Side Yolk Flops Side To Side
John Harvey Photo > Yolk Flops Side To Side

Leaving The Dock Leaving The Dock
John Harvey Photo > Leaving The Dock

Noise Warning Noise Warning
John Harvey Photo > Noise Warning

Strong Currents Through Rocks Strong Currents Through Rocks
John Harvey Photo > Strong Currents Through Rocks

Nara Riding Zip Line Nara Riding Zip Line
Tags: zipline
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2023 to 2005 > Tofino Wedding > Nara Riding Zip Line