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Ilo Ilo CH-149 Cormorant Fly Over Claira And Nara Making Monster Faces Claira In Climber Harlequin Duck At Beach Winter Luxury Pumpkin Claira Cold At The Beach Nara And John On Teeter Totter Hg Chipping Sparrow Harvey Shum Family Portrait On The Beach Pilings With Bird Boxes Entrance To Pottery Studio Taking Cable Ferry To Denman Waiting For Ferry To Hornby Claira And Helen Digging Fossils Island Lighthouse Brittle Prickly-Pear Cactus On Bluff Mud Flats at Sunset Claira Painting House Boat Dive Site Right Petgill Lake Walking Suspension Bridge Us At The Start Diamond Head With Heather Claira In The Shallows Elfin Pano Tantalus Panorama Mark under Rock Us on Big Tree Glassy Ocean Surface Falls into Gorge Hamilton Marsh Goats On The Roof At Coombs Top Falls at Englishman River California Quail On Fence Post Giant Squid Sand Sculpture Squirrel Coming Down Branch Bastion in Nanaimo Stars With Ferries Behind Stephen On Beach Jin And Helen On Beach Stephen And His Sunset Hot Tub And House Helen In Field Of Flowers Playing With Boats In Ocean Walking Long Driveway Glass Art Gallery Claira And Minature Horse In Forest Marina In Gibsons View Towards Gibsons Claira With Licorice Fern Yellow Headed Blackbird Yellow Iris With Ants Downtown Vancouver From Stanley Park Sea Terminal,  South Terminal,  Main Terminal Of YVR Left Side of Cove Panoramic Sea Lions on the Rocks Bumps on a Rail Lost Lake At Ladner Whiskey Cove, Belcarra Look No Chain Sitting Under Cherry Blossoms David and Eric on Large Pump House David At Top Lynn Canyon Cafe Richmond Night Market Bad Crowd Down Temple Steps Crocuses Growing In The Field Blue Burst over Vancouver First Beach 2004 Sunset Wetlands From Tower White Crowned Sparrow Ferry Coming Into Dock Tall Trees Along Road Side Boat Rental At Pitt Lake On Siwash Rock Budhist Prayer Flags With AView Of Vancouver Helen With Waterfall Sitting At Overlook Capstan With Water View Large Enough To Play Football No Lawn Front Yard Arch In Back Yard Frilly Orange Caterpillar End Of The Island Woodpecker On Blue Background Old Power Plant Sean In A Kayak Silver Falls And Jeremy The Booze Comes Marching In Finn Slough Near Mouth Field Of Snow Geese Nara Inspecting Her Shoes James Flying Short Eared Owl On Power Cable Claira Walking On Bridge Over Pond Claira At Norquay Water Park Nara On The Zip Line Claira Trying To Blow ADandelion Nara Behind Buttercup Banded Alder Borer Claira Filling ABucket Sun Rising Behind Baker Biking Through Cherry Blossom Intersection Kepler Portait Bridge Over Coquitlam River Building Up Powder Bar-tailed Godwit Blinking Light Rolling By Claira In Saddle Claira Having Fun Paddling Playing On Climber Abby Eating Smore Walking In The Large Field Bubbles Floating Away Starting Picnic Trip Walking Around Sword Ferns Runabout on the Beach Petroglyph of Seal in Fulford Harbour Burgoyne United Church View From Bed And Breakfast Panorama Shell Beach Spit in Ganges Harbour S Bend on Duck Creek Morning Kayak Beach In The Tropics Front of House Playing Badminton Retreat Island Sunset Small Purple Flower Nootka Rose San Juan Lighthouse Zodiak Coming Into Bay Nice Melons, Karen! Big Windows Saturna Weathered Rock Curve of Time in Bay Cypress On Bay Just the Head of a Seal Me on Deck Studies Bay, Galiano Island Ferry Terminal White Bubble Shell On Eel Grass Claira Sitting In APuddle Helen And Janet At The Beach Catherine And David On Beach Entrance To Slot Canyon Humpback Diving Race Rocks From Ocean Side Sea Otter Mouth Open Goose Tongue Growing In Rocks Rhinoceros Auklet Swimming Together Sheringham Point Lighthouse Grandma And Kids Milky Way With Beached Stump Fishboat Bay Park Nara Ready To Jump Windy On The Ship Claira Happy With Goat Maroon Ringed Leaves Surfers At Jordan River Claira Happy To Be Back Stairs To Lighthouse The Chapel Filling Castle Maidenhair Fern Hiding In Rocks Kids Watching Dog And Trainer Race Marsh Wren On Tall Reed Riding On Hay Ride Cedar Stump Backlit Cattails Mount Doug White Fawn Lily Western Painted Turtle Near Rock Wall Claira Standing In The Ocean John And Helen With Lit Trees Carrying Pumpkin Pacific Bleeding Hearts James Island From Saanich Spit At Sunrise Walking In The Large Field Playing In The Sand At Willows Beach Nara On Zip Line
Burgoyne United Church

This little white church was built in 1887.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - A Weekend on Salt Spring > Burgoyne United Church


This is a six panel composite (with hand retouching).    I took
more shots of the bottom but the merging software isn't brilliant.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - A Weekend on Salt Spring > Panorama

St. Mary's Anglican Church

Built in 1894,

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - A Weekend on Salt Spring > St. Mary's Anglican Church

Petroglyph of Seal in Fulford Harbour

From what I know of, this petroglyph (the large eyes, the mouth open with teeth)
means seal. There are petroglyphs on Gabriola and Seals as well.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - A Weekend on Salt Spring > Petroglyph of Seal in Fulford Harbour

St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church

First built out of wood in 1880, it was encased in stone in the 1950's.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - A Weekend on Salt Spring > St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church

Market Veggies

This is at the Saturday Market in Ganges.  The market isn't so much a farmers market as an outdoor gallery.  What you did
see for food was either exotic (beautiful mushrooms) or refined (goats cheese) so seeing staples was a bit
of a surprise.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Kayaking in the Gulf Islands > Market Veggies

Waiting For Dad To Go Hiking Waiting For Dad To Go Hiking
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > April 2017 > Waiting For Dad To Go Hiking

Trillium I'm used to this being a solitary plant, but in a few places I found groups of this growing.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > April 2017 > Trillium

Walking Around Sword Ferns Walking Around Sword Ferns
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > April 2017 > Walking Around Sword Ferns

Spit in Ganges Harbour

This spit is a bird sanctuary.

Tags: beach
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Kayaking in the Gulf Islands > Spit in Ganges Harbour