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Claira On Gondola Ride Four Story Restaurant In Shibuya Red Lit House Ice Falls In Shadow Castle With Swans Home Reflected In Cut Rice Field Frost Covered Trees Hot Spring Source In Kusatsu Japanese Tourist Trap Mouth In Water Bell Tower Takaragawa Onsen Steam From Nozawa Onsen Climbing Toward Castle Boiling Red Spring at Umi Jigoku Kintai-kyo Bridge Prayer Wheels Going Down A Bomb Memorial Castle Over City Market With Palm Trees Glowing Waterfall Castle With Interior Moat Front Door To Ryokan Giant Crab Cable Car Waiting Rock Garden Golden Statue Claira Has Small Boat Rocky Coastline Roasting Fish Sponsors Visible Two Story Slide Parade Walking Past Torches View Of The Lake And Mount Fuji
Bell Tower This is called Shoro.
John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > A Second Trip to Japan > Nikko > Bell Tower

Kegon Falls There is a long elevator ride you can take down to get to this lower viewing platform. We were here early Monday morning so the crowds were sparse.
John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > A Second Trip to Japan > Nikko Falls > Kegon Falls

Entrance To Disney Sea Entrance To Disney Sea
John Harvey Photo > Entrance To Disney Sea

Climbing Bridge In Gondola Area Climbing Bridge In Gondola Area
Tags: Japan
John Harvey Photo > Climbing Bridge In Gondola Area

Claira On Gondola Ride We didn't get out on the water as much as I wanted. Our last ride was a gondola style ride through Venice style canals.
Tags: boat, Japan
John Harvey Photo > Claira On Gondola Ride

Spinning Carousel Spinning Carousel
John Harvey Photo > Spinning Carousel

Nara Relaxed Rider Nara Relaxed Rider
John Harvey Photo > Nara Relaxed Rider

Claira Ready To Ride Claira Ready To Ride
John Harvey Photo > Claira Ready To Ride

Hozo Mon This is the matched gate. It has a giant paper lantern like the front gate.
John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > A Fourth Trip to Japan > Tokyo > Hozo Mon

Nara On Magic Carpet Nara On Magic Carpet
Tags: Japan, riding
John Harvey Photo > Nara On Magic Carpet