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about map data... Centered at -123 00' 00'', 49 13' 47'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
556m per pixel
278m per pixel
139m per pixel
69m per pixel
34m per pixel
17m per pixel
 Map Height:
Panoramic Slender Bog Orchid Everyone Has Sticks Moms Has Jelly Cup Yew Lake With Fog Helen And IAt Sunset Claira With Lights In Background Claira Is Tired Claira At Bottom Of Run Nara And Claira Unloading From Chairlift View Of Vancouver From Dam Mountain Helen With Waterfall David At Top Silver Falls And Jeremy Helen In Front Of Lighthouse Frilly Orange Caterpillar Dandelion Seeds Blowing Into The Background Sun Rising Behind Baker Lost Lake Bumps on a Rail Claira Happy Skiier Ridge Overlooking Vancouver Kids Starting Paper Trail Nara And Claira In Class Sitting At Overlook Lynn Canyon Cafe Nara On Her Mountain Bike Nara At Twin Bridges The Booze Comes Marching In On A Rock Whiskey Cove, Belcarra Old Power Plant Dad Nara And Claira On Bridge Kids On The High Sand Nara Pushing ALog Up The Beach Standing In The Sand At Locarno Beach Claira At Beach Claira Not Happy About Rain Yellow Iris With Ants Downtown Vancouver From Stanley Park View Down Oak Street Burrard Street Bridge in Snow Art On The Beach English Bay David And Lost Lagoon Blues and Purples First Beach 2004 Sunset Irises By Beaver Lake On Siwash Rock Capstan With Water View Fluffy Great Blue Heron Nara Inspecting Her Shoes Common Goldeneye Male David Lifting Noelle Into Tree Claira As Tall As ABrussel Sprout Claira Lounging In Tube Claira On The Metal Stairs Claira Chasing Bubbles Claira Climbing Up The Curly Slide Lions Gate With Rocky Beach Reflected Burrard Street Bridge Under The Lions Gate Bridge Lions Gate With Streaky Traffic Some Random Rook Freighters With Light Point Atkinson Lighthouse Cherry Blossom With Frank Stanzl Building Paved Bike Lane At Burrard And Pacific Claira With Her Snowman Claira Climbing On Logs Beaked Hazelnut Red Breasted Sapsucker Male Greater Scaup Claira Riding Dragon Coopers Hawk Looking Under The Big Rocks Claira Praguery Food Truck Ice Cream Entering Yaletown On Pacific Street Turning Onto Lameys Mill Road Drumming Performance Kids Under Blue Mushrooms Cherry Blossom In Front Of Downtown Claira Riding Carousel Huddling Together On The Way Out Milky Way And Lighthouse At Stanley Park The Arc From Pacific Street Claira With Smaller Mask Marine Building And MNPTower Under Cambie Street Bridge Fireworks Over False Creek (Science World) Harbour Centre Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship In Port Canada Flag On BCPlace Jumping Rocks Sun Building Micro Tags On Wall Skytain And Traffic Near Stadium Station Pink Spheres Claira With Fall Colours At Crab Park Nico And His Back Tattoo Dragon AChinatown Millennium Gate Inside The Ting Skytain And Cars With City Quebec Street Into Olympic Village Also Tagged Bulk Carrier Passing Science World Dragon Chasing Pearl Road Bike Walking Route Up Tagged Bulk Car Inari Gyoza And Red Bean Cakes Blue Burst over Vancouver Cherry Blossom Tunnel On Tenth Cocaine Cowboy Peru Flag On Back Of B.A.P.Unio?n Juggling Fire Hunky Guys Look No Chain Cat Coming To Saw Hi Claira Watching Horse Nara In Saddle Claira With AClam Shell David and Eric on Large Pump House White Crowned Sparrow Beans Picked For The Feast Iona Spit At Sunset Cotton Wood And Brown Eyed Susan At Sunset Common Merganser Juvenile With Crab Female Red Winged Blackbird With Baby Food Common Yellowthroat Large Orange Fungus Two Osprey And A Bald Eagle Fern Growing Out Of Mossy Trunk Caspian Tern Looking For Fish Fern With A Slight Twist Large Enough To Play Football Classical Garden Claira Out In Front Flowers Opening To Sphere Chickadee Looking For Sunflower Seeds Lit Pumpkins On Wall No Lawn Front Yard Orb Weaver On Web Blues And Purples Mixed Fireworks In Park Mugs For Sale Poppies In Garden Claira At The Top Of The Slide Nara Riding Down River Walk Arch In Back Yard Claira Walking Up The Stream Grape Hyacinth Sitting Under Cherry Blossoms Satyr Anglewing On Chewed Leaf Female Annas With Red Alder Walking Down Lit Stairs Group Photo Looking Aside Claira Got Place Ribbon Find Claira Challenge Musicans Ready To Play Nara Biking In River District Nara Behind Buttercup Banded Alder Borer Playing On Climber Lazuli Bunting In The Trees Bridge Over Coquitlam River Song Sparrow Singing European Skipper On Leaf Sea Terminal,  South Terminal,  Main Terminal Of YVR Claira Biking With Her Tongue Out Moms Seafood Cracker Family Of Red Eared Sliders Downy Woodpecker And Pine Siskin Basting Grilled Meat Richmond Night Market SBoard Walk Woodpecker On Blue Background Field Of Snow Geese Flooded Field Of Pumpkins Claira Riding On Hay Bales Kids Pushing On Pitch Fork Chickadee Checking Us Out Harrier Over The Reeds Northern Pintail With AWet Head Chickadee On Thin Branch Northern Shoveler Breeding Male Hooded Merganser Non Breeding Male Brown Eyed Susans Growing In Dry Field Down Temple Steps Sweet Spot Houseboat Kepler Portait At Ladner Scott Navigating To Home Finn Slough Near Mouth Kamchatka Lily End Of The Island Hawk Puffed Up
Nara Behind Buttercup Nara Behind Buttercup
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > May 2015 > Nara Behind Buttercup

Nara Biking In River District Nara Biking In River District
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > May 2015 > Nara Biking In River District

Orange Winged Grasshopped There were about two dozen of these flying along the trail close to the highway. It's hotter over there because there aren't trees. These do look like butterflies when they are flying.
Tags: insect
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > July 2015 > Orange Winged Grasshopped

Banded Alder Borer This is a photoshop composite of two different images - stacked in focus. I just figured out how to do that in photoshop and now it's my new crutch.
Tags: insect
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > July 2015 > Banded Alder Borer

Banded Alder Borer On Log I was really surprised to see this bug - I have never seen anything like it in Canada before. I've seen Macro/bug blogs online, mostly in tropical countries and I thought they have all the interesting insects. We aren't so bad.
Tags: insect
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > July 2015 > Banded Alder Borer On Log

Nara Ready To Ride Her Bike This is at the playground near Romers Burger Bar. Even at 3pm, there was a line up to get a table.
Tags: biking
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > May 2015 > Nara Ready To Ride Her Bike

Nara Playing On Fire Pole There was an older kid here - she owned the playground. She could swing around the upper branches without touching down with her feet. Nara was trying to do something similar but Nara doesn't yet have the upper body strength.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > May 2015 > Nara Playing On Fire Pole

Playing On Climber Playing On Climber
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > June 2018 > Playing On Climber

Young Chickens In Cages Young Chickens In Cages
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > June 2018 > Young Chickens In Cages

Nara Riding Down River Walk Nara Riding Down River Walk
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2020 to 2005 > May 2015 > Nara Riding Down River Walk