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about map data... Centered at 129 19' 59'', 27 36' 00'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
29685m per pixel
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Few Stone Lanterns Oguni Village North Us At Volcano End Of Gorge Boiling Red Spring at Umi Jigoku Kintai-kyo Bridge Prayer Wheels Going Down A Bomb Memorial Castle Over City Market With Palm Trees Glowing Waterfall Castle With Interior Moat Front Door To Ryokan Giant Crab Cable Car Waiting Rock Garden Golden Statue Claira Has Small Boat Rocky Coastline Roasting Fish Sponsors Visible Two Story Slide Parade Walking Past Torches View Of The Lake And Mount Fuji Kaimon-dakeFrom Nagasaki-bana Zero In Front Of Museum View From In Pool Broad Temple Shot Walking Into Covered Mall Sunglasses On Vocanic Rock Giant Outdoor Playground Nara Running On Sea Wall Two Rock Hearts Nara With Window And Small Trunk Fruit By The Bag Tree Nymph Eating From Flower Rose Myrtle Lappet Moth Walking On Crowded Trail At Yehliu Geopark Claira Playing In The Water
Grey-Faced Buzzard In Tree When we pulled the car over this bird wasn't happy. I suspect we interrupted something.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Grey-Faced Buzzard In Tree

Grey-Faced Buzzard Bird In Flight The bird flew after the kids got out of the car. The crop is strange because I just caught the bird in the frame.
Tags: bird, Japan
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Grey-Faced Buzzard Bird In Flight

Heart Rock Beach Heart Rock Beach
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Heart Rock Beach

Two Rock Hearts These are a real tourist attraction - multiple parking lots charging different rates, vending machines nearby and lots of tourists. The kids got the heart idea from other people doing the same thing.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Two Rock Hearts

Nara Being Silly On Beach Nara Being Silly On Beach
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Nara Being Silly On Beach

Charcoal BBQ Charcoal BBQ
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Charcoal BBQ

Raw Beef This beef is for cooking (every so slightly) - you don't eat it raw.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Raw Beef

John Cooking Veggies We have BBQ places in Vancouver, but none that use charcoal as a heat source.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > John Cooking Veggies

Plates Of Sushi This isn't high end sushi. The restaurant was in a medium quality mall and had lots of families.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Plates Of Sushi

Conveyer Belt Sushi You can see it's a conveyer on two levels with glasses on the bottom level. The colour of the plates determines the cost and they total the plates at the end of your meal.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Conveyer Belt Sushi