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about map data... Centered at 114 24' 00'', 29 11' 59'',
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29685m per pixel
14842m per pixel
7421m per pixel
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463m per pixel
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Few Stone Lanterns Oguni Village North Us At Volcano End Of Gorge Boiling Red Spring at Umi Jigoku Kintai-kyo Bridge A Bomb Memorial Castle Over City Market With Palm Trees Glowing Waterfall Castle With Interior Moat Front Door To Ryokan Giant Crab Cable Car Waiting Rock Garden View Over Kyoto Golden Statue Home Reflected In Cut Rice Field Light Up At Hida Folk Village Road Lined With Lanterns Mark And David With Bikes Frost Covered Trees Helen And I In The Bath Hot Spring Source In Kusatsu Joren Waterfall Nissan Serena At The Side Of The Road Takaragawa Onsen Kegon Falls Cement Whale Climbing Toward Castle Owl Sleeping Tower Over Broken Mosque Two Birds In Tree South Gate Kite On A Stick Walking Into Covered Mall Sunglasses On Vocanic Rock Nara Running On Sea Wall Zero In Front Of Museum View From Volcano Center Trees In Fog
Waves Crashing At Zanpa We did see a guy go out to near the cliff edge - he turned around pretty quickly.
Tags: beach, wave
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Waves Crashing At Zanpa

Sunglasses On Vocanic Rock Sunglasses On Vocanic Rock
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Sunglasses On Vocanic Rock

Zanpa Lighthouse In Background Zanpa Lighthouse In Background
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Zanpa Lighthouse In Background

Outside In Low Tide This umbrella rock made me smile.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Outside In Low Tide

Pacific Reef Heron I hadn't seen a dark Heron before - it was quite a surprise.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Pacific Reef Heron

Empty Beach At Resort A lot of Okinawa resorts actually close their beaches (no swimming or walking allowed) over the winter. This one was open, but basically empty.
Tags: beach, resort
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Empty Beach At Resort

Looking Into Tidepools Looking Into Tidepools
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Looking Into Tidepools

Heart Rock Beach Heart Rock Beach
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Heart Rock Beach

Two Rock Hearts These are a real tourist attraction - multiple parking lots charging different rates, vending machines nearby and lots of tourists. The kids got the heart idea from other people doing the same thing.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Two Rock Hearts

Grey-Faced Buzzard In Tree When we pulled the car over this bird wasn't happy. I suspect we interrupted something.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Grey-Faced Buzzard In Tree