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about map data... Centered at -122 40' 55'', 49 08' 42'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
240m per pixel
120m per pixel
60m per pixel
30m per pixel
15m per pixel
 Map Height:
Claira Trying To Emulate Nara Walking On Balance Beam Claira Biking With Her Tongue Out Claira Having Fun Paddling Basting Grilled Meat Richmond Night Market Nara Riding Down River Walk Nara Biking In River District Nara Behind Buttercup Playing On Climber West End Of The Island Ferry Coming Into Dock Tall Trees Along Road Side Horses Feeding Hawk Puffed Up Down Temple Steps Family Of Red Eared Sliders SBoard Walk Woodpecker On Blue Background Haley Feeding Goat Field Of Snow Geese Flooded Field Of Pumpkins Sweet Spot Houseboat Claira Riding On Hay Bales Kepler Portait At Ladner Scott Navigating To Home Finn Slough Near Mouth Kamchatka Lily End Of The Island Bar-tailed Godwit How To Make Planter Rows Of Daffodils
Horses Feeding Horses Feeding
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2019 to 2005 > May 2006 > Horses Feeding

Haley Feeding Goat Haley Feeding Goat
John Harvey Photo > Haley Feeding Goat

Nara Feeding Sheep Nara Feeding Sheep
John Harvey Photo > Nara Feeding Sheep

Claira Feeding Goat Claira Feeding Goat
John Harvey Photo > Claira Feeding Goat

Goats In Pens Goats In Pens
John Harvey Photo > Goats In Pens

Dinner Ourside Otentik Dinner Ourside Otentik
John Harvey Photo > Dinner Ourside Otentik

Claira With Hot Dog Claira With Hot Dog
John Harvey Photo > Claira With Hot Dog

Lorne On The Grass Lorne On The Grass
John Harvey Photo > Lorne On The Grass

Getting Campfire Started Haley is trying to blow the fire into a larger fire.
Tags: fire, fort
John Harvey Photo > Getting Campfire Started

Lorne Eating S'mores Lorne Eating S'mores
John Harvey Photo > Lorne Eating S'mores