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Boardwalk In Gater Gardens
Boardwalk In Gater Gardens
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > North Island > Boardwalk In Gater Gardens

About To Walk Over Bridge
About To Walk Over Bridge
John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Hiking > Lynn Canyon Headwaters > About To Walk Over Bridge

Old Hotel in Namu

This boardwalk used to go around to the old hotel. The hotel has two stories and
approximatly 40 rooms. It's not doing so well now.

Tags: boardwalk

John Harvey Photo > Mid Coast of BC on the Curve of Time > Nigei Island to Namu > Old Hotel in Namu

Hiking Through Forest

The walk thought the forest is very scenic.  The tree's reminded me of days I
spent (a long time ago) hiking the westcoast trail.  I imagine the trail
before the boardwalk would be very muddy.

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Tofino, Hot Springs Cove > Hiking Through Forest