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Two Vultures Circling
Two Vultures Circling. The internet has changed things. Back in the day, after a day of taking photos, I would hit the books and look up each bird I saw using the local guide books. Now I can use google images to find unique features and then work backwards to be sure I have the correct species.
Species: Sarcogyps calvus (Red-headed Vulture, Asian King Vulture)

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > India > Corbett NP > Two Vultures Circling

Red-Wattled Lapwing Flying By
We really pissed this bird off by being here - it flew circles around us for the whole time.
Species: Vanellus indicus (Red-Wattled Lapwing)

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > India > Ranthambore > Red-Wattled Lapwing Flying By