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Cisco Bridges
There is no roadside sign pointing out where the view point is, but it wasn't too hard to find once I saw the bridges from the highway.
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Spences Bridge > Cisco Bridges

Canyon Pano
This is a nasty pano - some 10 images are used and I still forgot a big chunk. You can see from the trees on the bluff (pointing both ways when really they point up) this is a very very wide image.
Tags: canyon, river

John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Manning Camping > Canyon Pano

Lower Falls
The lower falls goes into a large basin and then falls to the next largest. There is a lookout cut through the rock to see the large falls. I have a picture of the falls frozen, from a somewhat closer angle.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Johnston Canyon > Lower Falls

Splatter Pool
Sorry - what about the rule of thirds?
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Johnston Canyon > Splatter Pool

Two Sets Of Folds
I like this photo because the river takes a fold (you can see it, it disappears in falls and then shows up again), and the walk way on the left does the same thing. It's deep symmetry for me - the guy walking is just an annoyance.
John Harvey Photo > Banff in Mid Week > Johnston Canyon > Two Sets Of Folds

Spoon in Canyon

The notable thing in this pick is the glow of "spoon" in Mark's hat.  I tried to go for the dramatic perspective but it hasn't worked terribly well.

John Harvey Photo > Trips out of the Country > Grand Canyon Road Trip > Day 5 of Grand Canyon Trip > Spoon in Canyon