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Crowd To Photograph Coral Tree
Crowd To Photograph Coral Tree
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2016 to 2005 > Hong Kong 11 > Crowd To Photograph Coral Tree

High End Lenses
Because of the cream colour, I first thought this was all canon gear but looking, it's half Nikon. The nearest camera is a D2X (I believe) with a 500mm f/4D. The camera behind (with the camo on the lens) also looks like a D2 series camera, with the same lens. Behind that is two canons (with smaller lenses) and the final camera (lens pointing up) I can't identify. The front two cameras are on Wimberley Heads - while I've seen them on TV before (National Geographic specials and what not) it's the first time I've seen one in the flesh. This is gear.
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