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Sutcliffe Park
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The gateway to Granville Island

Sign With Flowers
Sutcliffe Park occupies a thread of land between the ocean and the condo developments overlooking False Creek.  There are extensive gardens around the entrance to Granville Island and the gardens are ever changing - apparently maintained by a small army of gardeners without sufficient land themselves.

Mix Of Different Flowers

Throughout the year, different plants appear, flower, and then disappear.  Now in late spring, some of the larger plants and vines planted as background earlier in the year are starting to bloom. 

Pink Flowers Fuzzy LeavesGrowing In CageYellow Flower

Given the number of people who walk, roller blade and ride by, I'm surprised there aren't more accidents between people going somewhere and people enamored with the plants.

Purple White StarburstLight Purple FlowerRed And Yellow With Blue Pedals

Purple Yellow FlowersBee On Bed
I really am naive about biology - if flowers are the stage before seeds, why don't flowers only occur in the spring, last a short period time, and the plants spend the summer building seeds, fruit and stalks?  None the less, flowers continue.  David suggested flowers might continue throughout the season because of competition - to many flowers all at once would overwhelm and then starve the pollinators.  Whatever the reason, I'm happy to see flowers late into the summer.

Blurry PedalsPurple Pedals

Growing In Cage
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Light Purple Flower
Tags: flower
Purple Pedals
Tags: flower
Blurry Pedals
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Bee On Bed
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Red And Yellow With Blue Pedals
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Purple White Starburst
Tags: flower
Sign With Flowers
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Yellow Flower
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Mix Of Different Flowers
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Pink Flowers Fuzzy Leaves
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Purple Yellow Flowers
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