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Plates Of Sushi
This isn't high end sushi. The restaurant was in a medium quality mall and had lots of families.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Plates Of Sushi

Conveyer Belt Sushi
You can see it's a conveyer on two levels with glasses on the bottom level. The colour of the plates determines the cost and they total the plates at the end of your meal.
John Harvey Photo > Okinawa > Conveyer Belt Sushi

California Roll
The California Roll was likely invented somewhere in North America - it's not normally something you find in Japan. This sushi joint understands it's market.
John Harvey Photo > Japan 7 > California Roll

Claira With Kappa Maki
Kappa Maki is really simple, but this was done well. I was impressed by the how toasty the Nori was.
People: Claira

John Harvey Photo > Japan 7 > Claira With Kappa Maki

Sushi Arrives By Rail
The restaurant has a strict 45 minute time limit - the tablet stops letting you order. We were ordering pretty much constantly. The rolls come out on the little car, but we did have the server come out once with a tray because we ordered too much too quickly. This place doesn't count your dishes.
John Harvey Photo > Japan 7 > Sushi Arrives By Rail