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Cates Park

A day at the park!


Cates Park is a public park located on Indian Arm about half way between the Second Narrows bridge and Deep Cove.  We arrived at 8 am on Sunday morning (and you have never heard so much whining), to go diving.  This was our PADI dive number 1 and 2.  I wasn't feeling too great (don't ask) and it was our first diving day so I didn't take too many pictures.

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Doing the diving assessment, we completely missed the strong surface currents.  (OK, it was our first dive ever, how were we supposed to know?)  The instructors put  two diving floats out about 25 feet but the 20 pounds of weight attached to the line just dragged along bottom when 8 divers hung on.  Mark J and I were the first to go down with Jason, and Mark (OK, actually Jason) managed to loose one of Marks' fins so the dive was cut short.  When we reached the surface, everyone had drifted 300 meters down the arm.  (Oh well.)

    Look what we found washed up on the shore.  The city used to clean out the water, but they've been lazy and let everything go to hell.  We fed him some nuts, but he had a bad reaction to them.  Big hives started forming all over his body.  One of the instructors took a shine to him despite his sores.  We're going to name him "Brendi."  Next week we'll take him to the zoo where he'll feel more at home.  Right now he sleeps outside next to the lawnmower.  (Thank you Thao)

Lunch took way to long to organize, but the afternoon dive was much better.


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