Scuba Diving

I first got my license in grade 9 but I have not dived since.  Some of my roomies wanted to learn to dive so we talked to the local dive shop and 12 of us took the intro course

Some of our trips (around Vancouver, BC):
Cates Park
Whyte Cliff Park
Porteau Cove
Porteau Cove II

After the basic course, 6 of us were up for some more hard core training.  We went to a different dive shop and got more adventure (and misadventure) than we could handle.

Boat diving in Nanimo

We graduated, Kevin, Wyatt, Mark and Brendon left Vancouver and the last diving experience left us a little worried.  Mark and I dove once in Victoria and we meant to go diving in Mexico (the deco chamber in town was broken) and Hawaii (the ocean was so rough the dive boats didn't go out) but I hadn't been in a while.  Brendon came back (more dives under his belt) and suggested a dive.  We went!


I brought my underwater camera bag (generally used for Kayaking) and was happy with the result.

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