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A Second Course at Focal Point

On Saturday we had our first fashion shoot - 3 models, two (and a bit) light setups and basically just jump in.  The goal of the shoot was a "Beauty Shot" - a single, relativly flat flat shot that shows beauty in a face.  Generally it would be used for a makeup advert or positioning.

We had three makeup levels on the models - light (natural), medium and heavy.

Head ShotPunching EyesFace SidewaysEye Shot

The second model is an impressive 6 feet tall.  This is the tallest model I've ever shot and on a few occasions I had problems reaching eye level.  New experience for me, but Syx, our instructor compained it happens way too often to him.

Tall GirlSoft Chin

Obvious every model is unique, but shooting with the different models at the same time really impresses that upon you.  The last model (a 16 year old who one a modeling competition with John Casablancas) got the heaviest makeup which really didn't seem to match the vulnerable girl she soft often acted.

Sitting On StoolSciencePunch SidewaysLooking InWhy Do You Care

Overall, I was disappointed with my photos, but I guess that's kind of the point.  Welcome to Fashion.

Looking In
Why Do You Care
Eye Shot
Punch Sideways
Head Shot
Face Sideways
Punching Eyes
Sitting On Stool
Tall Girl
Soft Chin
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