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Boiling Hells abound!

Eric dropped us off so this was our first day along (just the five of us) in Japan.  After the hotel provided breakfast, we went to the bus station and picked up a discount tourist pass.  Our first destination was the ropeway up to the one of the hills surrounding Beppu.

Andrea And John SleepingLunch Box Kit

The Hells of Beppu

Joro-Gumo Spider
Beppu has several claims to fame - the most impressive to me is the Jigoku - boiling hells.  The Beppu area has several near boiling hot springs that form coloured pools of water.  The hells are wrapped up as tourist attactions with gift shops and grounds.  I was not so thrilled with the developement, but the geology of the hells was certainly impressive.

Blue Pool of HellBoiling Red Spring at Umi JigokuSteaming Rock at Umi Jigoku

The Bathing Ritual

The next morning we got up to leave Beppu and I stumbled onto a photographic opportunity.  Our hotel has both showers in the room and a group bath on the ground floor.  The group bath (which is common in Japan) was closed for cleaning every morning, but the cleaning staff didn't mind if I slipped in and took a few photos.   The first photo shows the changing area - you take your clothes off and put them in the baskets.  You then move to the washing stations where you sit on the little stools and throughly wash yourself.  A bottle of body soap and bottle of shampoo is provided.

Locker AreaWashing Stations

After thoroughly rinsing yourself, you take a bath in either the indoor pool or the outdoor pool.  We usually bathed in the evening, but after dinner rather than more common before.

Indoor TubOutdoor Tub
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Joro-Gumo Spider
Species: Nephila clavata (Jorō Spider)
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Blue Pool of Hell
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Outdoor Tub
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Locker Area
Tags: bathing, Japan
Andrea And John Sleeping
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Steaming Rock at Umi Jigoku
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Washing Stations
Tags: bathing, Japan
Indoor Tub
Tags: bathing, Japan
Boiling Red Spring at Umi Jigoku
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Lunch Box Kit
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