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One of the most scenic views in Japan

Lion In Front Of GateFloating Torii From SideFloating Arch O-torii
The floating arch O-torii is one of the most famous symbols of Japan.  This particular gate was built in 1875, but it's the seventeenth gate that's been built.  The gate is supposed to indicate that the island is a shinto holy place. 

Deer Stricking Its Tongue Out
Japanese tourist destinations seem to have recurring themes - saying "I visted that place with the tame dear and the gondola to the top of the mountain" doesn't actualy describes several places in Japan.  The deer are cool (and better behaved than what I remember of the Deer in Nara), but we weren't swarmed with school kids so perhaps the deer weren't in feeding frenzy mode.
Young Deer

Deer On With Gang
We took the gondola to the top of the mountain (David walked up) and took in the view.  It was unfortunatly an overcast/hazy day so the view wasn't particularly great.  The resident monkey population was "Feeding in the Forest" - I hope it means that the monkeys are less human dependent, even if it means I didn't get to see them.
CentipedeTaking The Gondola Up

From the top of the mountain we could see the surround islands and with better weather, this would be an amazing view.  We walked up to the mountain top (the path was paved the entire length!) and then walked down the mountain.  Thankfully the Gondola fee is split so we had a reason to destroy our knees.


Daisho-in is the largest temple on Miyajima island and belongs to the Shingon sect of Buddhism.  Near the bottom of our hike we entered the complex and continued through the complex until we got to the village proper.

Three Little BuddahsFountain in Daisho-inPrayer Wheels Going DownLittle Statues

My favorite part of the complex was the "universally illuminating cave" - a room with hundreds on lanterns and small Buddahs covered with messages from well wishers.

Heaps Of Gankake-emaIncense Burner With Statues

We continued to the village.  Miyajima has a few other features beyond the temples and views - they are the birth place of the rice paddle, they have the worlds largest rice paddle, and they have great sweats!

Worlds Largest Rice PaddleStreet On Miyajima

The traditional sweats are a spongy cake with a chocolate or banana filling.  They are generally shaped in maple leaves or other traditional forms, but we did find boxes of hello kitty cakes.

Traditional CakesHello Kitty Cakes

By about 3pm we were done with Miyajima - the tide was out so the torii was on mud and the tourist numbers were high. We took the ferry back to the mainland and split up - David and Sean went back to the hotel in Hiroshima and Andrea, Mark and I took the train the other way.

Kintai-kyo Bridge

Kintai-kyo bridge is in the small town Iwakuni, about a 20 minute train ride south of the Miyajima ferry terminal.  The light was fading fast when we arrived in Iwakuni so we took a taxi.  After walking across the bridge and back we took a bus to the Iwakuni shinkansen station and used the power of the JR rail pass - just hop on the next train going our way.  The Shinkansen reversed in 20 minutes what was nearly an hour of local train rides.

Kintai-kyo BridgeMark And Andrea On Kintai-Kyo

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Young Deer
Species: Cervus nippon (Sika deer, spotted deer)
Tags: deer, Japan
Hello Kitty Cakes
Tags: Japan, local food
Deer Stricking Its Tongue Out
Species: Cervus nippon (Sika deer, spotted deer)
Tags: deer, Japan
Prayer Wheels Going Down
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Tags: Japan, place of worship, temple
Three Little Buddahs
Tags: Japan, statue
Worlds Largest Rice Paddle
Tags: artifact, Japan, monument
Lion In Front Of Gate
Tags: Japan, statue, torii
Incense Burner With Statues
Tags: candlelight, incense, Japan, lantern, place of worship
Floating Arch O-torii
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Tags: torii
Street On Miyajima
Tags: Japan, road
Taking The Gondola Up
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Fountain in Daisho-in
Tags: fountain, Japan, long exposure
Floating Torii From Side
Tags: beach, Japan, torii
Mark And Andrea On Kintai-Kyo
Person: Andrea, Mark
Tags: bridge, castle
Deer On With Gang
Person: Andrea, David, Mark, Sean
Species: Cervus nippon (Sika deer, spotted deer)
Tags: deer, Japan
Little Statues
Tags: Japan, statue
Heaps Of Gankake-ema
Tags: candlelight, Japan, lantern, place of worship
Species: Scolopendra mutilans (Chinese Red-headed Centipede)
Tags: insect, Japan
Kintai-kyo Bridge
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Tags: bridge
Traditional Cakes
Tags: Japan, local food
Tags: Japan(17), statue(3), torii(3), place of worship(3), deer(3), bridge(2)
People: Andrea(2), Mark(2), David(1), Sean(1)
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