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July 2009

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  Trout Lake Lantern Festival

Helen Umbrella And LanternKiller Bunny With Killer Red Sky
I've known about the trout lake festival for years, but since I've owned an apartment with a view of the fireworks, seeing the fireworks (and the dates always collide) was a priority.  This year the lantern festival was the priority.   Since it was a lantern festival I made a lantern (price of admission right?) and packed a camera on a tripod.  We had a BBQ to attend earlier in the day, so we didn't head in the direction of the lake until early in the evening.   Completely out of style for Vancouver, we had a massive thunder storm with lightning.  Vancouver rarely gets lightning and this one was a big storm so we were delayed quite a bit.  By the time we got the park there was an eerie orange sky sunset and soft rain to temper the experience.  We brought large umbrellas.

The Lantern festival is organized by the Public Dreams Society - the same people who organize the Parade of Lost Souls.  There are several fixed displays set up around the park and there is a band that plays and slowly migrates. 

Lantern Raft On Trout LakeCrowd Watching LakeLit Mushrooms Near Grass

My favorite part of these kinds of events is that it encourages public participation.  People dress up, bring lanterns and walk around showing off their work.  There is no shortage of people taking photos of the once a year exhibition.
Mobile Full Of LanternsSailboat And Geometric LanternString Of Lit Cups
Personal LightsSimple Lanterns Look At Lake

Given the choice between the lantern festival and the fireworks, I'm glad I chose the lantern festival.  There is no way it can compete with the show put on by millions of dollars, but the show it does put on is none the less impressive.

String Of Lit Cups
Tags: long exposure, Trout Lake
Simple Lanterns Look At Lake
Tags: lantern, portrait, Trout Lake
Sailboat And Geometric Lantern
Tags: lantern, portrait, Trout Lake
Lit Mushrooms Near Grass
Tags: grass, lantern, Trout Lake
Helen Umbrella And Lantern
Tags: lantern, orange sky, silhouette, Trout Lake, umbrella
Killer Bunny With Killer Red Sky
Tags: lantern, orange sky, Trout Lake
Crowd Watching Lake
Tags: Trout Lake
Mobile Full Of Lanterns
Tags: lantern, mobile, portrait, Trout Lake
Lantern Raft On Trout Lake
Tags: lake, lantern, reflection, Trout Lake
Personal Lights
Tags: portrait, Trout Lake
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