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July 2022

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Canada at the Celebration of Light

While the fireworks happen three nights a year, it's surprisingly easy to find yourself busy or out of town for all three. This year Wednesday was a good day to spend waiting on the bridge for the fireworks to begin.

I saw a photographer at Jerhicho pier and he had two cameras - one he was hand shooting and another was doing a timelapse.  Hand shooting is almost random - it's easy to start a little to later or end a little late.  Further, hand shooting often wildly changes the exposure time which leads to a bunch of variety in the background exposure.  Shooting timelapse lets you just take in the fireworks and see what you find in post. 
Three Colours At Start Of FireworksPink And Blue Inside CurtainTop And Middle Fireworks

  Ground Streaks Ground SmokeGreen And Red FireworksOverlapping Colors At End

Overlapping Colors At End
Tags: fireworks, Vancouver
Green And Red Fireworks
Tags: fireworks, Vancouver
Ground Streaks Ground Smoke
Tags: fireworks, Vancouver
Top And Middle Fireworks
Tags: fireworks, Vancouver
Three Colours At Start Of Fireworks
Tags: fireworks, Vancouver
Pink And Blue Inside Curtain
Tags: fireworks, Vancouver
Tags: fireworks(7), Vancouver(7), time lapse(1), boat(1), sunset(1)
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