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The hot days of summer


BC Day at Terra Nova Adventure Playground

Nara Climbing Over Haley
We spent the two weeks before BC Day on "Vacation" - camping in the Shuswap and a Trip to Victoria.  We came home in time to meet up with friends at the Terra Nova Adventure Playground in Richmond.  Two of Helen's Friends from highschool - Jin and Linda and their kids met up in the park for lunch and an afternoon of playing. 

The playground is lots of fun, but we got a new game to play.  There is a very slow piece of water in the park full of Green Frogs.  These are an invasive species (introduces as farmed food, later escaped) so I don't feel too bad about the kids trying to touch them with reeds.  The frogs are very patient - if a reed (or camera) approaches them, they seem to still.  Only if you actually touch them with a reed do they actually jump.  There were lots of frogs of various sizes for the kids to find and touch.

Green Frog Half SubmergedGreen Frog Peaking From Algae
Julian Dipping For FrogsKids Frog Dipping

Norquay Playground

It's nice weather outside so you can't sit inside for long periods of time.  We had a weekend day without plans so we went to Norquay for a picnic with friends, a play on the playground and some water park time.  You know your kids have had a good summer when the prospect of running in the water park doesn't even get them excited.

Claira Haley And Abby On Rope ClimberClaira Higher Than DaddyNara Hanging Upside Down

This summer Claira has greatly improved her ability to climb rope climbers at the playground.  In the spring she couldn't get past the first level of ropes and sometime over the summer she figured out how to climb and climb - now she gets to the top of most mountains.

Nara At Water ParkClaira At Water Park

Milky Way in Stanley Park

Faint Milky Way Above TreesMilky Way And Lighthouse At Stanley Park
After taking photos of the Milky way in Victoria, I wanted to try again in the city.   Really, you can only see the Milky Way in a dark sky, but there are ways (using HDR filters) to bring out the Milky Way in a light polluted city shot.  The Perseid Meteor Shower was just getting started so if I saw a meteor too, that would be cool.  Of course you can't see the Milky way if the Moon is up so I wound up waking up late (like 1am) after the moon had set and went out to see what I could see.

My Grandfathers 92 Birthday

Great Grandfather And Arabella Having Tea
My grandfather turned 92 this year.  His birthday is in August which is a great time of the year on Vancouver Island.  My uncle kindly offered to organize a picnic and a large collection of people soon arranged to join to which Philip happy 92nd.

My grandparents have four children, nine grandchildren and currently eight great grandchildren.  We were short one for the picnic.  Having a lush yard, of course the great grandchildren just want to run and play.

Kaylee Playing With Big KidsMarcus Running With BalloonsGrandma With Her Grandkids
All Grandchildren Wear CrocsNara And James Walking To The Back FieldJames Being Chased By The GirlsClaira Running With Balloons

Kaylee Holding My FingerKaylee Looking For TransportationKeira Not Sure About New PeopleNara Looking At Dad

Kiera And Kaylee DancingGrandma And James Sharing AChairGrandma And Her Grandchildren

Grandfather And His Cupcakes
Of course this is a birthday party so sooner or later a cake has to come out.  Of course the more mobile young ones come over to "help blow out the candles" and seem to be first in line for a cupcake.  They have played this game before.

Claira Gets The First Cupcake

Having our bellies full, we gather for portraits.  We are missing a few - Kayla and Chrissy are at work and Kiera had to go to bed early.

Grandparents And Their ChildrenLexi And Arabella With Great GrandparentsFamily Group Shot

Grandparents And GrandchildrenMarcus James And The Great GrandparentsSonia Kaylee And Grandparents

Jessica Shelton Lexi And Arabella
At these events I always seem a little silly - running around like crazy taking photos of people (like 445 photos in just under 3 hours - 2.7 photos a minute).  There are that many opportunities where everyone gets together and even fewer have great light.  Sorry I don't get to sit and chat with people.

Great Grandma And Arabella
A visit to Comox is more than just a BBQ.  Before and after we stopped by the Grandparents house for an extended visit.  My sister was also in town so all of the cousins were under the same roof for a period of time.  They (the four of them) did a pretty good job playing a board game together.

  Arabella With WalkerHug Full Of CousinsPlaying Boardgame

  Thanks Duncan and Deane for hosting the party - much appreciated!

Grandparents And Grandchildren
Person: DavidJ, Diana, Edna, Helen, Jeff, Jessica, John, Justin, Nathan, Philip, Shauna
Kaylee Holding My Finger
Person: Kaylee
Grandma And James Sharing AChair
Person: James, Janet
Faint Milky Way Above Trees
Altitude: 5m (16 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: astrophotography, milky way, Stanley Park
Hug Full Of Cousins
Person: James, Marcus, Nara
Jessica Shelton Lexi And Arabella
Person: Arabella, Lexi May, Jessica, Shelton
Nara Looking At Dad
Person: Nara
Grandma With Her Grandkids
Person: Claira, James, Janet, Marcus, Nara
Julian Dipping For Frogs
Kids Frog Dipping
Sonia Kaylee And Grandparents
Person: Edna, Kaylee, Philip, Sonia
Lexi And Arabella With Great Grandparents
Person: Arabella, Philip, Edna, Lexi May
Claira At Water Park
Person: Claira
Altitude: 84m (275 feet)
Location: Go To...
Milky Way And Lighthouse At Stanley Park
Altitude: 7m (22 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: astrophotography, lighthouse, milky way, Stanley Park
Marcus Running With Balloons
Person: Marcus
Claira Running With Balloons
Person: Claira
Tags: balloon
Grandparents And Their Children
Person: Philip, Edna
Claira Haley And Abby On Rope Climber
Person: Abby, Claira, Haley
Tags: playground
Green Frog Half Submerged
Species: Lithobates clamitans (Green Frog)
Tags: amphibian, invasive, Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment
Kiera And Kaylee Dancing
Person: Kaylee, Keira
Tags: dancing
Keira Not Sure About New People
Person: Keira
Family Group Shot
Claira Higher Than Daddy
Person: Claira
Altitude: 92m (301 feet)
Location: Go To...
Marcus James And The Great Grandparents
Person: Edna, James, Marcus, Philip
James Being Chased By The Girls
Person: Claira, James, Nara
Nara Climbing Over Haley
Person: Haley, Nara
Arabella With Walker
Person: Arabella
Great Grandma And Arabella
Person: Arabella, Edna
Claira Gets The First Cupcake
Tags: birthday cake, cup cake
Playing Boardgame
Person: James, Marcus, Nara
Tags: game
Kaylee Playing With Big Kids
Person: Kaylee, Claira, Nara
Grandfather And His Cupcakes
Person: Philip
Tags: birthday cake
Grandma And Her Grandchildren
Person: Claira, James, Janet, Marcus, Nara
Great Grandfather And Arabella Having Tea
Person: Arabella, Philip
Nara And James Walking To The Back Field
Person: Marcus, Nara
Tags: balloons
Green Frog Peaking From Algae
Species: Lithobates clamitans (Green Frog)
Tags: amphibian, invasive, Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment
All Grandchildren Wear Crocs
Person: Claira, James, Marcus, Nara
Kaylee Looking For Transportation
Person: Kaylee
Nara At Water Park
Person: Nara
Altitude: 87m (285 feet)
Location: Go To...
Nara Hanging Upside Down
Person: Nara
Altitude: 92m (301 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: playground, upside down
Tags: Stanley Park(2), milky way(2), astrophotography(2), playground(2), Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment(2), amphibian(2)
People: Nara(12), Claira(9), James(8), Marcus(8), Philip(7), Edna(6)
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