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September 2012

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Claira Looking From BedClaira Smiling From Bed
Kids grow up so quickly, it really is important to try to take photos of them on a regular basis.  My goal is to take at least one good photo of my children each month because there is no rewind button to go back to an earlier stage.

Claira Pushing Forward To See

When I was growing up, I remember an enlargement hung on the wall in my play room of my sister and I.  We were toddlers - my sister was probably under one and I was somewhere past two and that photo has stuck with me through my whole life.  I hope I can take a similarly iconic image for my children.

Nara And Claira In BedNara Giving Claira AKiss

Picnic at QE Park

Helen Feeding Claira Under ATreeMark Passed Out On Blue Tarp
There is a lovely grove of cherry trees at QE park and we often go in the spring for a Hanami.  Jin organized a picnic and a surprisingly large number of my friends and their kids were available.

Eric Xander And Gabi Having Lunch

Claira And DadDavid picked up my camera to try it out so I got a rare photo of myself.  I showed of the new (to me) focus button on my camera and got out the GPS unit that Mark suggested I buy.  The D600 is coming soon so people are wondering about new cameras.

Nara Eating Cream Cheese From The LidNara Is A Tiger

Taking photos of kids is much easier than taking photos of adults.  Generally adults like to pose - to ensure their best side is shown.   Kids generally don't care, but even when they do pose, it's often interesting.

Abby And Haley In The GrassLoren With A Box Of Blue BerriesNoelle Eating Yogurt

 David And Loren
I caught a bunch of photos of dads and their children. 

Eric And XanderHaley Attacking Her Dad

Noel Riding On Yellow Cap
At this age, even a year age difference can be a barrier to play.  I think Nara had a tough time keeping up with Haley and Noel, but couldn't really do anything with Abby.  Maybe in another year it will be easier for them to play together.

Noel Has Been Picking FlowersAbby And Nara Walking BackHaley Noelle And Nara Playing On Yellow Cap


Crescent Beach

James Marcus And Nara Picking Rocks
My sister lives near Crescent Beach (not that near!) in White Rock.  Compared to Vancouver beaches, there is lots of parking available and the beach is far from crowded.  One morning I drove out with Nara so Helen could get a bit of a morning sleep in.

Throwing rocks in the ocean is fun.  Where we were there wasn't a lot of sand so the bucket and scoops had a hard time being useful.  After some beach time we found a little cafe and grabbed an early lunch.

Marcus With Green BucketNara Throwing A RockJames Flying
Nara had some hard times with sharing, but I think she had a good time.  She was asleep within a few blocks of the beach.

Amenda and Balanh get Married!

  Nara Practicing Her Flying

Helen has known Amenda since high school.   When Helen first came to my house (our third date), Amenda was part of the team of chaperones to make sure I behaved myself.  Every year since we have traveled down to Seattle to visit Amenda and take advantage of her hospitality.
Nara Claira And Helen

We aren't the only Vancouver people who know Amenda - Jin has also known Amenda since high school so we were glad to see them there as well.  The wedding took place at the Lake Union Crew Boathouse which is right on the water.  They have a large wet dock area which has great views of the boats and activity on the water.

Abby Taking In Some TunesHaley And Her DuckMalm Family

Ring Bearer And Flower GirlAmenda Walking In
With the music playing, Amenda's niece and nephew walked out with rings and flowers.  A few moments later the bride made her entrance.  There were petals down the aisle and a gate where her fiance was waiting.

Petals On The Lake

Service On The Lake New Husband And Wife
In front of friends and family, Amenda and Balanh were married.  I think Balanh almost cried a few times - it was quite emotional for everyone. 

Amenda Holding ClairaNara And Helen Dancing
The upstairs of the rowing center has a nice dining area with views of the lake and Seattle.  After lunch there was a slideshow of bridge and groom photos (I need to get out more!) and time to talk to people.  Nara and Helen took advantage of the music for a little dancing.

Nara Swinging Around
One of my favorite parts of weddings is the cake or in this case cakes.  Take cake(s) can say a lot about the couple - traditional white jobby or modern stile.  Light and tasty cakes or heavy and small cake.  I've never seen the same cake twice at a wedding.

Six Cakes On The TableFruit Topped CakeLego Figures In Giant Cake Land

Cutting The Cake
I have decided there is no flattering way to take a photo of someone who is eating cake.  Amenda and Balanh make make such a nice couple, they can almost pull it off.

Serving The CakeEating The Cake

Malm Family
Person: Abby, Haley, Jesse, Jin
Lego Figures In Giant Cake Land
Nara Claira And Helen
Person: Claira, Helen, Nara
Nara And Claira In Bed
Person: Claira, Nara
Serving The Cake
James Marcus And Nara Picking Rocks
Person: James, Marcus, Nara
Altitude: 9m (29 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: beach, bucket, rock
Nara Giving Claira AKiss
Person: Claira, Nara
Nara Practicing Her Flying
Person: Nara
Tags: levitating
Haley And Her Duck
Person: Haley
Nara Is A Tiger
Person: Nara
Altitude: 97m (318 feet)
Location: Go To...
Marcus With Green Bucket
Person: Marcus
Altitude: 4m (13 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: beach, bucket, rock
Abby And Nara Walking Back
Noel Has Been Picking Flowers
Claira Smiling From Bed
Person: Claira
Eric Xander And Gabi Having Lunch
Eating The Cake
Noel Riding On Yellow Cap
Mark Passed Out On Blue Tarp
Person: Mark
Nara Eating Cream Cheese From The Lid
Person: Helen, Nara
Altitude: 117m (383 feet)
Location: Go To...
Six Cakes On The Table
Tags: cake, wedding
Nara Throwing A Rock
Person: Nara
Altitude: 2m (6 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: throwing rocks
Service On The Lake
Nara Swinging Around
Person: Nara
Nara And Helen Dancing
Tags: dancing
Ring Bearer And Flower Girl
James Flying
Person: James
Altitude: 9m (29 feet)
Location: Go To...
Amenda Holding Claira
Person: Amenda, Claira
Amenda Walking In
Person: Amenda
Loren With A Box Of Blue Berries
Person: Loren
Haley Noelle And Nara Playing On Yellow Cap
Claira And Dad
Petals On The Lake
Tags: flower, lake
Claira Pushing Forward To See
Person: Claira
David And Loren
Person: David, Loren
Eric And Xander
Person: Eric, Xander
Noelle Eating Yogurt
Person: Noelle
Altitude: 127m (416 feet)
Location: Go To...
Cutting The Cake
Tags: cake, wedding
New Husband And Wife
Fruit Topped Cake
Tags: cake, wedding
Helen Feeding Claira Under ATree
Person: Helen
Altitude: 103m (337 feet)
Location: Go To...
Abby Taking In Some Tunes
Person: Abby
Claira Looking From Bed
Person: Claira
Abby And Haley In The Grass
Person: Abby, Haley
Haley Attacking Her Dad
Person: Haley, Jesse
Tags: wedding(3), cake(3), bucket(2), beach(2), rock(2), throwing rocks(1)
People: Nara(9), Claira(7), Haley(4), Abby(3), Helen(3), Loren(2)
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