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Day 1 - Flight to Bella Bella
Looking Out The Window
I wasn't so keen on getting up at 5 something in the morning but the idea of being on the water before lunch was pretty attractive.  I caught a cab to the south terminal and met Marilyn and Edwina in the lineup to check in our baggage.  Something near 8am rolls around and we are on board a shorts 360 flying to Port Hardy.  Flying over the island is beautiful - there are many ridges I would love to climb - but water is our goal today.  As we go further north, the clouds start to fill the valleys.  By the time we get into Hardy, we have punched through two cloud layers.  When we get on the ground, we find out Bella Bella is thick with fog and the plane won't be leaving until they have visibility at Bella Bella.

Once inside the terminal, we met Pam - the fourth guest flying up to meet the boat.  The Port Hardy terminal is quite large so passing the time wasn't bad - we watched as float plane after float plane left filled with fisherman and their rods.  Soon enough we got the call - the airport at Bella Bella was clear and we were going.

Shorts 360 On Ground In Bella Bella
The ride to Bella Bella is quite short (45 minuets?) but you can tell you really have left the grid.  No roads, no towns almost no boats.  We flew over the Island group that makes up the Hakai Provincial Recreation Area and then descended into Bella Bella.  Several hours late, we were glad to see the boat.

Evening Anchorage
On board, we got our room assignments (this was the only trip of the summer that wasn't fully booked so we got the luxury of extra bunks to spread out), and did the safety training.  We pulled anchor and headed North - further from civilization.  Our overnight stop was Berry Inlet - a protected bay on the end of the Don Peninsula - a bay we shared with a sport fishing camp.

We went out for a kayak around they bay and discovered the joy of fishing camps - empty bait bags in the water, and other trash in the water.  We kayaked out to Fisher Point and played around on shore.  We took a short walk inland to try and see some totem poles but the forest was way to thick to penetrate.

After a good day kayaking, we returned to the boat, had a great dinner, and slept like you only can on a boat.

Day 2 - Berry Inlet
We have to go North.  There is a low tide this morning so Jan pulls anchor before I got up (not hard to do) and we power over to Day point on the bottom end of Price Island.

Inter tidal at Day Point
Being the last point of land next to the region that feeds seaforth channel, this area gets a lot of current flow.  The protected bay isn't exposed to the ocean storms and was flat enough that a fully loaded Zodiac wasn 't worrisome.  As we pushed up next to the rocks, Jan and Steve would reach down and pull out an animal.  Steve would explain how it lived and where it fit in the ecosystem.

Leather Star  Red Sea Urchin

Northern Kelp Crab In HandCalifornia Sea CucumberSunflower Star and Leather Star

Red Rock Crab
We pushed deeper into the channel, but the bottom conditions changed.  Instead of rocky, we found silt and eel grass.  We land and poked around the rocks, but the muddy bottom significantly limited life's possibilities. 

Back on board the boat, we sailed North to Kitasu bay.  We brought the Red Sea Urchin with us for the planned sushi night (apparently the sex bits inside are good eating), and the sea Urchin didn't mind posing a bit for me.  The shell bit in the bottom is called Aristotle's Lantern - it's where food (kelp and other bottom food) makes it way into the animal. 

Spines On UrchinAristotle's Lantern

Kayaking at Kitasu Bay

We arrived in Kitasu bay in the early afternoon and got the kayaks in the water to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day.  We kayaked around the islands and up a small river, learning just how cow like a double ocean kayak maneuvers in shallow, fast running water.  Out in an open bay, we found thousands of moon jellies were congregating at the surface.  In some places you couldn't fit a paddle between them.  To the surprise of Naturalist Steve, we saw Dogfish swimming and feeding on these jellies. 

Paddle Over Shallow WaterMoon Jellies Near Surface

While we were out kayaking, Mike and Ryan had loaded the zodiac and driven dinner to a small beach. 

Grass At Edge Of ForestSalmon Roe On Rocks

They set up a grill for a recently caught salmon which complemented the Indian themed meal (complete with hand made samosas) nicely.  Eating on the beach at sunset was simply wonderful.

Mike Cooking KabobsDinner Setting

After dinner (and sunset), we got back in the kayaks and paddled back to the boat.  We watched the stars - stars you never see in the city, and the wide band of milky way. 

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California Sea Cucumber
Species: Parastichopus californicus ()
Tags: BC fauna
Leather Star
Species: Dermasterias imbricata (Leather Star)
Location: Go To...
Tags: sea star
Looking Out The Window
Tags: coast
Location: Go To...
Tags: abstract, coast, flare
Red Rock Crab
Species: Cancer productus (red rock crab)
Tags: BC fauna, beach, crab
Moon Jellies Near Surface
Species: Aurelia aurita (moon jelly)
Tags: abstract, jellyfish, vignetting
Shorts 360 On Ground In Bella Bella
Location: Go To...
Tags: plane
Dinner Setting
Tags: food porn
Aristotle's Lantern
Species: Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (Red Sea Urchin)
Tags: macro, sea urchin
Sunflower Star and Leather Star
Species: Dermasterias imbricata (Leather Star), Pycnopodia helianthoides (Sunflower Star)
Tags: sea star
Paddle Over Shallow Water
Tags: kayaking, reflection
Salmon Roe On Rocks
Tags: beach, eggs
Evening Anchorage
Location: Go To...
Tags: boat, sunset
Grass At Edge Of Forest
Tags: grass, twin
Mike Cooking Kabobs
Tags: cooking
Northern Kelp Crab In Hand
Species: Pugettia producta (northern kelp crab)
Tags: BC fauna, crab
Red Sea Urchin
Species: Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (Red Sea Urchin)
Tags: sea urchin
Spines On Urchin
Species: Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (Red Sea Urchin)
Tags: sea urchin
Tags: sea urchin(3), BC fauna(3), abstract(2), coast(2), sea star(2), beach(2)
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