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April showers bring...

Hanami at Queen Elizabeth Park

Eric All Philosophical
It's become somewhat of a tradition - every year we have a bit of Hanami.  This is based on Hanamis in ealier trips to Japan.  I don't always take photos, but I do enjoy them.
Mark Drinking Under Sakura

Alien Dome In QECurved Beds In Garden
Being an excelent time of the year, we also went for a bit of walk around the garden in QE. 

Group Shot Over Garden

Dinner Party

People At Table
My house warming last month was a lot of fun, but not everyone could make it.  I decided to have a smaller party and invite some missed friends and their kinds over for dinner.   Somehow, whenever children are out, people want pictures and kids seem to understand this role and sometimes act the part.

You have seen Alex and Kale before.

Alex SmilingAlex With Tongue OutKale Looking AsideKale With Ball In His Mouth
UBC Botanical Garden

A Number Of Sword Ferns
For earth day, the UBC Botanical Garden had an open house.  Helen had never been so we decided to take advantage of the busy but free day to go walk around.

Forest Of Sword Ferns

This is perhaps the 5th time I've been to the garden and I'm still learning things.  There Rhodo collection really is something else and I enjoyed the climbing species. 

  Irises UnfurllingPurple BroccolliChive Bud
That's it for the month!

Kale With Ball In His Mouth
Curved Beds In Garden
Tags: garden, Queen Elizabeth Park
Alex With Tongue Out
Eric All Philosophical
Person: Eric
Tags: cherry blossoms, hanami, Queen Elizabeth Park
Alien Dome In QE
Tags: flowers, garden, Queen Elizabeth Park
A Number Of Sword Ferns
Species: Polystichum munitum (Western Swordfern)
Tags: fern, UBC Botanical Garden
Group Shot Over Garden
Person: Catherine, Eric, Jeremy, Jesse, Jin, Mark, Sean
Tags: Queen Elizabeth Park
Mark Drinking Under Sakura
Person: Mark
Tags: cherry blossoms, hanami, Queen Elizabeth Park
Irises Unfurlling
Tags: flower, UBC Botanical Garden
Alex Smiling
Chive Bud
Tags: plant, UBC Botanical Garden
Purple Broccolli
Tags: produce, UBC Botanical Garden
Kale Looking Aside
Forest Of Sword Ferns
Tags: fern, UBC Botanical Garden
People At Table
Tags: UBC Botanical Garden(5), Queen Elizabeth Park(5), fern(2), garden(2), cherry blossoms(2), hanami(2)
People: Eric(2), Mark(2), Catherine(1), Jeremy(1), Jesse(1), Jin(1)
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