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Mexico Trip, the Top 20 Pictures

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There plenty of Puerto Vallarta activities to keep you busy and many are similar to the types of tours and fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.


I shot roughly 450 exposures on our trip to Puerto Vallarta so making a web page out of them seemed a daunting prospect.  Thao took my prints and choose her "Top 20 picture", some 40+ pictures she though were best just because of the image.  This page shows most of those pictures and a little story that lead to them.   I didn't often use my Medium Format camera (Sand and it don't mix) but I do have a Medium Format page.  We also used some disposable underwater cameras, so take a look at some water pictures.

Around the Resort

We stayed at the Mayan Palace in Neuevo Vallarta, about 20 minuets north of Puerto Vallarta.  The resort has a relatively private beach, a massive swimming pool and lots of lawns.  I was surprised to find so much life there

Bird at ChannelGecko


Puerto Vallarta is on the West Coast of the Mexico so looking west is looking across the Pacific Ocean.  The sunsets were great if a little hazy.

Sailboat at Sunset

A week into the vacation we found the waves at Sunset.  We would run out at 5:30 and play in the waves while the sun set.  The waves were never huge - perhaps a meter above our heads, but they were fun.

Sunset Into Water


The City of Puerto Vallarta

We spent some three days downtown.  Downtown is quite touristy - lots of vendors, a wide promenade on the beach, lots of art.  It's nice to see and it tastes somewhat of Mexico, but it's very commercial.

Pulling ApartWindmillsMermaid at SunsetSea Horse

The Church really stands out against the background of the city.  First, it's old and built of bricks - not plaster.  Second, it's not selling anything.  There are poor kids selling chicklets on the stairs and lots of stores near by.

ChurchChurch at SunsetChurch 2

Below is picture of corn husk lacquered statues (3 USD -> 10 USD depending on where you buy it) and shot of a resort across the Marina.


The Kids

Foreign country, different values.  I'm not a huge fan of shooting kids without permission but a few were just so cute.

Kid in PondKid in RestaurantGirl on Bus

Day Off Cruise

The cruise was around bay that Puerto Vallarta was on.  The large catamaran was stable and fast.  The cruise started at 9:30 am and first drove to the Marinates islands - a group of islands in the center of the bay.  On the way we saw humpback whales and a large manta ray.  The islands are a bird sanctuary and are covered in nesting sites and small caves.  The snorkeling was great.  The rest of the day we cruised back along the the southern shore and looking at beaches and the city.  The people on deck turned into lobsters, and I discovered that gravol and a little alcohol makes one heck of a drunk.


Bird CatchingChris Looking HotMark Glory Shot II


Four of us brought all our snorkeling gear (we were expecting to go diving) so we had to go jump in the ocean at every available opportunity.  The first two shots are from our day in the cab and the third shot is at Punta Mita.

Wyatt in SurfBuddies at Mita

Other Fun

On the road between downtown and our hotel was this huge (>1km) Go-Kart track.  We stopped by twice, once in the day, once in the evening.  The second shot is at Chico's Paradise and the third is just before Chico's Paradise.

Mark Go KartingWyatt Over RiverMark Glory Shot

Playing on the Beach

We took a few different beach trips.  Our first day, we took a walk down the beach (second shot) and day 5ish we took a bike trip to the other resorts (shot 1, 3, 5).  I don't remember when I picked up that shot of Wyatt but he's just so cute!

Thao on BeachTogether on BeachUs on BeachWyatt at Beach

Group on Beach

Wyatt In Pool

Chris in Pool

The pool is large (perhaps 500 meter long) and kept refreshing cold.  Some days we stayed on the islands in the pool and the walk back was always "invigorating".

Pool Scene

Pool Scene

Pool Scene

There plenty of Puerto Vallarta activities to keep you busy and many are similar to the types of tours and fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.
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Mark Glory Shot II
Person: Mark
Wyatt in Surf
Kid in Restaurant
Tags: restaurant
Sunset Into Water
Person: Mark, Sean
Tags: beach, Mexico, sunset
Pool Scene
Tags: pool, resort
Group on Beach
Person: John, Mark, Sean
Kid in Pond
Tags: fountain, Mexico
Church at Sunset
Location: Go To...
Tags: clock tower, Mexico, place of worship
Chris in Pool
Tags: Mexico, wave
Wyatt Over River
Church 2
Tags: clock tower, Mexico, place of worship
Sailboat at Sunset
Tags: boat, Mexico, orange sky, sailboat, sunset
Tags: gecko, Mexico
Buddies at Mita
Bird Catching
Tags: bird, Mexico
Mark Go Karting
Person: Mark
Tags: Mexico, racing
Pulling Apart
Pool Scene
Us on Beach
Together on Beach
Mermaid at Sunset
Tags: Mexico, silhouette, statue, sunset
Chris Looking Hot
Sea Horse
Tags: Mexico, silhouette, statue, sunset
Mark Glory Shot
Person: Mark
Girl on Bus
Tags: bus, Mexico
Thao on Beach
Tags: Mexico, place of worship
Tags: shopping
Wyatt In Pool
Tags: marina, Mexico
Bird at Channel
Species: Ardea alba (Great Egret)
Tags: bird, Mexico
Pool Scene
Tags: pool, resort
Wyatt at Beach
Tags: beach, boardwalk, Mexico, toy
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People: Mark(5), Sean(2), John(1)
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