Trips out of the Country

Hong Kong 14
(March 2023)
We visited Hong Kong to see family and remind the kids about life in Hong Kong. We visited Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, Mai Po Marshes, Disneyland and many markets. We spent a day at Cheung Chau Island and went to Nan Lian Garden.
Stacking People On Ride

Maui, Hawaii

Our first airplane trip after COVID! We spent 10 days on the Hawaiian Island of Maui learning to Surf, snorkeling and visiting attractions all over the Island.
(March 2022)

Taiwan 2

Our second trip to Taiwan, we started at Sun Moon Lake - a park in the middle of the country. We then visited Taipei and took a day trip to see Yangmingshan National Park.
(April 2019)

Hong Kong 13

As the kids get older, we can visit more Hong Kong Disneyland - this time we stayed for the night parade! We had a great visit to the Fung Yuen Butterfly reserve, we visited Po Toi Island and I took some long exposure videos of Mong Kok where we stay.
(March 2019)

Japan 7

Mark has a new place in Shinjuku, Tokyo so we crashed at his place for a week on our way back to Canada. We took a mini-trip to the Izu Peninsula and were really lucky with cherry blossom season.
(April 2018)

Hong Kong 12

Visiting Family in Hong Kong! Visited some Nature Highlights (Mai Po Marshes for birds, Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve for Butterflies). Family went to Hong Kong Disneyland!
(March 2018)

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is pretty close to Hong Kong - only two hours away by plane. We stayed at a resort for a few days and then rented a home for a few days.
(March 2017)

Hong Kong 11

Visiting Family in Hong Kong! Visited some Nature Highlights (Mai Po Marshes for birds, Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve and Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve for Butterflies). Family went to Repulse Bay and Hong Kong Disneyland! Added bonus - living in Mong Kok.
(March 2017)

Hong Kong 10

Another family visit, this time in the Spring. We went biking in Mui Wu Bay, birding in Mai Po Marshes, Shek O, Tai O
(March 2016)


Our first trip to Taiwan! Helen has friends in the country so we visited Taiwan, Kenting and Tainan.
(March 2016)

Hong Kong 9

Yup, nineth trip to Hong Kong! My parents, their friends and their friends children joined us so we visited some of the top sights - the Peak, The Giant Buddha, Tai O. New for me, we did a boat tour of Sai Kung. We revisited Mai Po Marshes and Shek O. A pretty packed few weeks.

Japan the 5th

Six days in Japan visiting Mark - a few days in Tokyo and a few Days in Hakone looking for fall colors and enjoying the hotspring at the Ryokan.
(October, November 2014)

Hong Kong the 8th

More Kids! Claira is now about 10 months old, Helen's Maternity leave is drawing to a close and it will only get hotter in Hong Kong. We had almost two weeks in Hong Kong and tried to pack as much as we could in with two kids. We saw a flower show at Victoria Park, visited Ocean Park and saw various markets and playgrounds across Kowloon.
(March 2013)

Hong Kong the 7th

We had points to fly to Hong Kong but there wasn't a lot of flexibility about the dates - pretty much May or not at All. We spent much of the trip doing family things, but we did get out to see the fruit market, Visit Tai O Village and go to the beach at Shek O.
(May 2011)

Hong Kong the 6th

We were called to Hong Kong on Short notice with an 8 month old baby. Nara got to see the sights and I got to see the new years fireworks!
(January 2011)

Hong Kong the 5th

Helen was quite pregnant at this point so we booked a trip to Hong Kong before we were overwhelmed with baby stuff to bring. Includes Dim Sum and buildings wrapped in bamboo.
(January 2010)


Mark was posted to Singapore for his work and since Helen and I were in the neighbourhood (Hong Kong) we really did have to swing by. We really enjoyed the food!
(January 2010)

A Fourth Trip to Japan

We have visited Japan in the spring (for cherry blossoms) and the fall before. We figured for a new experience we should try winter! Our favourites like Hot Spring baths, traditional inns and kaiseke meals figured prominently in our trip.
(January/February 2009)

Hong Kong for Chinese New Years

We had a trip to Japan planned for the spring, and if you are crossing the Pacific, you might as well make the extra step to visit Family. We visited Chinese New Years Celebrations at local temples, and visited themed markets.
(January 2009)

Hong Kong the 3rd

Back again to visit family, we also stopped by Macau, Cheung Chau Island and Hong Kong Wetlands Park. Plus more time in markets!
(November 2008)


Helen has family in Hong Kong so we both of us were already in south east Asia. We decided to take a local flight to nearby country and Vietnam came up number one.
(Nov 2007)

Costa Rica

Helen and I were just recently married and we figured a trip to some place warm was in order. We had choices (Hawaii, the Caribbean) but we decided on Costa Rica on the strength of recommendations from friends. We weren't disappointed.
(June 2008)


My grandfather served in India in World War II so stories and artifacts from India spiced up my childhood. I had time off with my Sabbatical so I decided to go. I visited Delhi, two national parks, the Thar desert and a number of smaller cities.
(Dec 2006)

New Zealand

Sean and Catherine were getting married outside of Auckland and if you are going to fly that far to see a wedding, you should probably stick around and see more of the place. Saw some of the North and South Island.
(Nov 2006)

Hong Kong

Helen has family in Hong Kong and as part of my sabbatical this year, we went to visit her family for two weeks. Hong Kong is a small area but there was lots of sights to see.
(Nov 2006)
I returned to Hong Kong in Nov 2007

Dominican Republic

A week in a popular sun destination. Life is mostly in the all inclusive resort but I did make it out on a caving trip and a trip to Santo Domingo - the capital of the Dominican Republic.
(Nov 2005)

My First Trip to Europe

It's not often you get to travel to another continent on the companies dime. I was lucky enough to do some work in Europe and have enough time to take pictures while I was there.
(August, 2005)

A Third Trip to Japan

A road trip around the southern most island of Kyushu and Shikoku in the spring of 2004.
Parade Walking Past Torches
A Second Trip to Japan

Eric is in Kumamoto so five us of us went to visit.  We spent three weeks visiting Japan.
(October 2002)
Turtle Swimming
The Big Island of Hawaii

Eight days of relaxing and fun!  Seven of us rent an apartment in Kona and see the sights.
(April 2002)
Climbing Toward Castle

Our first serious trip out of the country - Jesse, Sean and I spend two weeks in Japan.
(April 2000)
Na Pali Coast
Kauai, Hawaii

Mark and I had both just finished a project and it was time for a vacation! 
(December 1999)
Palm by Pool
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sean's family generously offered their vacation rental for six of us to winter vacation.
(December 1998)
Grand Canyon Road Trip

My first real road trip, Mark and I spent a week driving to the Grand Canyon and then visiting my sister and San Fransisco. (October 1998)
American Cities
Austin Texas
(April 2019)
My work has another office in Austin so I visited for a week. Outside of work hours I visited some of the natural and food attractions.
Boats Gathering For Bats

We traveled down to Seaside Oregon for a May Long weekend trip. We spent the whole weekend close to the beach, traveling down the state to see the sea lions and sand dunes, and up the coast to visit a farmers market
(May 2008)
Sandy Ribbon Of Beach

The nearest Big city to Vancouver, Seattle is remarkable because it's made of mostly the same stuff as Vancouver, it's just the recipe was different.
I've been before, such as September 2001 and since November 2009 and July 2017
(July 2007)
Wide Crowd Shot

New York stands alone among US cities - it's huge foot print on culture, both better and pop, can only be appreciated by visiting the source of it all.
(September 2000)
Chrysler Building

I went to New Orleans to see Siggraph 2000. I spent most of the time at the conference but I did see a bit of the town.
(August 2000)
Ferns Hanging From Deck

Fishing Boats At Sunrise
Altitude: 761m (2496 feet)
Location: Go To...
Wandering Path
Stacking People On Ride
Person: Claira, Helen, Jennie, Nara
Altitude: 7m (22 feet)
Location: Go To...
Three Toed Sloth Climbing
Species: Bradypus variegatus (Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth)
Tags: baby, Costa Rica, tree
White Bursts Off Smaller Building
Tags: building, city, fireworks, Hong Kong, night
Boats Gathering For Bats
Altitude: 143m (469 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: boat, city, night
Visit With Tigger
Person: Claira, Nara
Altitude: 7m (22 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: character meet, Hong Kong, theme park
Accordion Awning
Tags: fruit market, Hong Kong
Turtle Swimming
Species: Chelonia mydas (green sea turtle)
Tags: Hawaii, turtle, underwater
Tags: Hong Kong, market
Kids Taking Photos Of Bay
Altitude: 36m (118 feet)
Location: Go To...
Few Stone Lanterns
Location: Go To...
Tags: Japan, lantern
Claira And Nara In The Wet Zone
Person: Claira, Nara
Altitude: 7m (22 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: beach, Hong Kong, reflection, Shek O
Broken Open Durian
Tags: durian, fruit
Big Ben
Altitude: 6m (19 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: clock tower
Palm by Pool
Tags: Mexico, palm, pool, resort
Chrysler Building
Tags: city
Parade Walking Past Torches
Location: Go To...
Tags: fire, Japan, parade
Sandy Ribbon Of Beach
Altitude: 1m (3 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: beach, fog
Na Pali Coast
Tags: erosion, Hawaii, hiking
Incense Burner In Front Of Temple
Altitude: 54m (177 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: incense burner, Macau, place of worship
Toll Bridge
Altitude: 118m (387 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: bridge, sign, Vietnam
Climbing Toward Castle
Location: Go To...
Tags: castle, Japan, parade
Seawall With The Center
Altitude: 5m (16 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: biking, Hong Kong
Tiger Walking Down Road
Species: Panthera tigris (tiger)
Tags: India, safari
Ferns Hanging From Deck
Tags: architectural decoration
Riding Beach Front Road
Altitude: 17m (55 feet)
Location: Go To...
Wide Crowd Shot
Location: Go To...
Tags: crowd, fireworks
Nara Bike Dwarfed By Highrises
Altitude: 77m (252 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: biking, Hong Kong, Po Kong Village Road Park
Cement Whale
Person: Claira, Nara
Altitude: 41m (134 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: Japan, playground, Tokyo
Nara And Claira At Flower Show
Person: Nara, Claira
Altitude: 28m (91 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: flowers, Hong Kong
Waiting To Get On Glacier
Altitude: 277m (908 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: glacier, hiking, New Zealand
Hot Spring Bath In The Morning
Location: Go To...
Tags: hot spring, Japan, onsen
The Crowd Adding Incense
Tags: crowd, dragon, fire, Hong Kong, incense burner
Zanpa Lighthouse In Background
Altitude: 9m (29 feet)
Location: Go To...
Tags: Japan, lighthouse
Location: Go To...
Tags: canyon, hiking
Red Mini Busses
Tags: Hong Kong, neon
Great Egret
Species: Ardea alba (Great Egret)
Tags: bird, Dominican Republic
Kids At The Kelp Forest
Person: Claira, Nara
Tags: aquarium, forest, kelp, Taiwan
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